hp logoShalom & a warm hearty welcome to Holland Park Synagogue.

We are one of the oldest synagogues in London and surprisingly still one of the capital’s best kept secrets.

Founded, in the early 1900′s, by West London’s Sephardi immigrant community originating from Turkey and Saloninka, Holland Park Synagogue is a really special place, full of warmth and tradition.  Over the years, we subsequently attracted others from Persia, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern communities as they too came to the UK and more recently our membership has grown from France, Italy and Israel.

Holland Park Synagogue has maintained its own independence as a unique place of worship, with beautiful architecture, its own liturgy and traditions that are not found anywhere else in London.

All in all making Holland Park Synagogue one of the most beautiful places to worship and celebrate being Jewish.

Come and be our guest this Shabbat.